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Your Tagging Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by .limit., Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. Rigon

    Rigon Member

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    alright thanks alot

    does anyone know anything about montana markers i hear they are really good
  2. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    Homemade markers with my homemade ink.
    Kiwis with my stankgnasty ghetto krink.
    Mean streaks-blue/white mix.
    Drip markers filled with colors i make because its philly and its the cool thing to do.
  3. nuf1

    nuf1 Senior Member

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    i jus order my first marker from bs with exprees mail to chicago how long will it take
  4. reka one

    reka one Senior Member

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    yeah the kiwis can be pretty drippy

    im gonna make some ghetto krink or maybe some homemade ink and put into either some emptyed out markers or a glue stick

    magums are good if you live in a small town and they dont buff anything

    and you can use regular stamp pad ink refiller to fill markers, it stains a little bit and is runny if u put it in kiwi mops, i found some at my supermarket its made by "CANTEL" or something like that but its worth rackin
  5. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    ive gone bombing in daylight a few times...never got caught [/b][/quote]
    i go bombing in the day time constantly, and whenever im out at night i end up running from a cop
  6. Buhda420

    Buhda420 Senior Member

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    I do a lot of my tags with diamond drill bits i figure thats pitty hard to buff eh.

    Buhda 420
  7. tha boy in da corner

    tha boy in da corner Elite Member

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  8. crozzy

    crozzy Member

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    fuck thats the first time ive seen a scratchie i didnt think looked like shit. if you want to see what kiwi mops are like just rack one and try em out, theyre sold in supermarkets and basically anywhere.
  9. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    ^^ tha scratchie is fire.
    A zig 2 way plus my homeade ink does my shit fine. insides and out.
  10. BariS

    BariS Member

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    mod your kiwi nib with a circular peice of chalk board eraser. the foam one tear real quick. its only good for inks tho. paint doesnt flow through it that well.
  11. maviK_

    maviK_ New Member

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    i got all the krink markers
    otr 0.60
    zig postermans
    my mean streaks
    scrawl pen
  12. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    okay why does everyone say they tag with decos, its a paint marker u sketch with, not to tag

    i use home made mop, had and otr, and gold bombing marker blows
  13. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    i used to use a mini flowpen with grog ink in it till i lost it now i use a mini empty molo marker with grog in it.

    i have a krink mop with silver grog in it but pity it melted my lid so i had to use anouther lid. lol. fucking owns on bus stops.

    or my black mop with nero ink in it. my molo marker is filled wit grog and nero atm
  14. Concentration

    Concentration Member

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    It Can Be Both..
    Try It. You'll Like It..
  15. Dinan 3er

    Dinan 3er Senior Member

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    do you remember those old infomercials featuring blowpens. Thats what I use. They're the SHIT!
  16. NKY Ali

    NKY Ali New Member

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    Nice.. I actually think i have a few of those laying around...
    I use an OTR .070, I just refill with Indian ink.
  17. NikeISmyHERO

    NikeISmyHERO Member

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    i was wonderin (TOY QUESTION) can you use rubbing alcohal for a paint thinner
  18. nuf1

    nuf1 Senior Member

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    wat can of etch should i use i know stupid ques but i want to know im plannin on using gloves i know what it can do
  19. Ginno

    Ginno Senior Member

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    Just lastnight bought a ZIGPOSTERMAN any1 else had these? smooth as you like =]
  20. InsaneSanity

    InsaneSanity Senior Member

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    noones ever used a "Zog Posterbum" on the histrory of this forum.. WEAER DID YOO GAT EET FRUM??!!